Marissa Labog

Founder. Stuntwoman. Filmmaker. Actress. Dancer.

Marissa Labog is committed to the transformative power of storytelling. As an actor, stuntwoman, and dancer, Marissa is fearless in her pursuit for creative adventure. Her persistence and curiosity have led her to develop multiple movement languages including: ballet, jazz, pointe, modern, gymnastics, tricking, break dancing, parkour, capoeira, and Tae Kwon Do.

Over the years, Marissa performed as a principle dancer across the United States, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Portugal, Russia, China, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Australia, and England. She danced with Pacific Coast Ballet, Inland Pacific Ballet, John Pennington and the famed LA Philharmonic, Oni Dance, Rosanna Gamson Worldwide, Company of Strangers, Heidi Duckler Dance, and Jacob Jonas: The Company. As a commercial dancer, Marissa's credits include: Tina Turner, Christina Aguilera, LL Cool J, Nike, iPod/Apple, Coca-Cola,“The Drew Carey Show,” “Fresh Beat Band,” “Shake It Up,” House Bunny, Bratz, and the Oscar-award winning film LA LA LAND. As a stuntwoman, Marissa has worked on TV shows including “School of Rock,” “Stuck in the Middle,”and “Game Shakers,” as well as films including Raze, Act Of Valor, Colombiana, Logan, and Birds of Prey, premiering February 2020.

Marissa is also recognized as a creative entrepreneur. Inspired by break dancing’s pursuit of individuality, Marissa directed the performance group ONE STEP AHEAD (OSA). Established as a youth advocate organization, OSA became recognized as a prominent physical theater company from 2011-2014. The experience of spearheading OSA combined with her increasingly active career in filmmaker led Marissa to found UP Productionz. This venture strives to reinvest meaning and truth into storytelling by celebrating difference and reveling in the purity of the moment.

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