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Dance Film

Experimental, movement driven narratives. 
Swallow the Moon.png

Swallow The Moon follows five individuals as they navigate the world of love and loss. The film reflects individual experiences back on society by exploring human connection and self-discovery. 

UP Productionz presents: 


Swallow The Moon


Directed by Marissa Labog

Director of Photography — Jake Bianco 

Executive Producer — Emily Wanserski 



Kearian Giertz 

Nicholas Heitzeberg

Charissa Kroeger

Marissa Labog

Brooklynn Reeves

Jill Wilson 


Steadicam Operator — Alex Kornreich 

First AC — Jason Faust, Elver Hernandez

Key Grip — Joe Guzman, John Shrader

Production Assistant — Olivia Aguilar 


Composers — Anibal Sandoval, Claire McKeown

Editor — Emily Nine

Colorist — EFilms

Special Thanks 

Yavuz Topuz

Green Glow Films

West Coast Dance Theatre​​

An early, behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating

Swallow The Moon. 

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