Short Film

Action. Comedy. Female-Driven Narratives. 

The company’s first short — WHEN KIDS GROW UP — premiered in October 2016. This film intentionally sparks conversation around individuals’ relationships to violence. The short provides a unique angle on violence within a specific group of characters. While race and gender are easily identifiable, other key labels such as sexual orientation and socio-economic status of these individuals are not clear in the first short. Lines are crossed — some identifiable, others to be explored in future narratives with these characters.

The company's second short — CLEANING HOUSE — premiered October 16, 2019.

This film is an 80s driven action comedy that revolves around a spirited maid and an overzealous secret agent. As her love for Whitney Houston disrupts his covert op, a frantic battle erupts revealing things are not always as they seem.   


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